Monday, January 24, 2011

VIDEO: Australian surfer Mark Visser becomes the first to ride giant 'Jaws' waves at night

Night surfing is eerie even in small waves, so imagine the sensation of careening down sheer and heaving faces measuring 30 feet, atop a black ocean, at a Hawaiian reef break so notoriously it's called Jaws.

"It wasn't until I saw the pictures [that] I realized how big it was," Visser said. "This was the scariest, but most exciting thing I have ever done. Riding in complete darkness meant I had to go off feeling. I had to zone out from how you normally ride and be part of the wave."

The "Night Rider" feat is the first of a series of extreme, first-time adventures that will be made into a documentary called "9 Lives," to be distributed at the end of the year -- that is, if he completes them all safely.

Read the rest HERE from by Pete Thomas . Check out Mark Visser's site

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