Thursday, September 30, 2010

Top 10 Snowboard designs for 2010... more things to add to your holidays list...

Summers over and winters right around the corner. It's time to save that change buried in the couch and start shopping for cool Snowboards. Heres a few I found when googling "best snowboard designs 2010" From

Snowboarding it’s self is an art form, but what about the actual art that goes on the Snowboard. We have chosen the top 10 snowboard designs of recent years, from graphic design achievements and artistic master pieces to the outright weird.

10. The Ride DH

Understated top sheet design, but the base is loud and proud.

9. The Burton Feather

Women’s snowboards are often very girly, but this year’s Feather strikes a great balance.

8. The Roxy Ollie Pop

The colours on this year’s Ollie pop literally just pop out at you, a graphic design achievement.

7. The Lib Tech Jamie Lynn range

Not just this board but artworks by the artist/ex pro snowboard are painting master pieces.

6. The Burton Blender

Another women’s snowboard in the top 10. This is from the 2008/2009 season and really has a great stand out design to get you noticed in any snowboard park.

5. Bataleon Snowboards

This is just one example of a Bataleon snowboard that has a base design that looks like it is glowing on the snow. It’s like lights under a max power car, but in a good way.

4. Rome Agent Snowboard

The top sheet design has my little ponies on, need we say more?

3. Burton Vapour Snowboard

The slash in the top sheet revealing a vibrant graphic underneath suggests there is something special about this board, which there is. The Burton Vapour is one of the lightest boards ever made, but also one of the most expensive also!

2. GNU Park Pickle Snowboard

Some snowboard graphics in this top 10 are graphic design achievements or artistic master pieces. Then we have the out there designs, the Park Pickle falls under the later, it has a huge Pickle on it. Why? Why not?

1. Burton Love series Snowboards

Photo above from

Our No.1 isn’t a amazing graphic design or an artistic wonder. It’s our number 1 snowboard design because of the sheer controversy they caused. They have images of Play Boy bunnies on, the uproar was so much that one ski resort in the US banned them!

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