Thursday, August 19, 2010

Another hot tattoo pic from Suicide Girls

Great Balls of Fire!  by Eric “Butter” Levy I was drunk.  I need to admit  that.  Drunk as a sailor on leave.  I was also laying flat on my back,  beer in my hand, on a trampoline. Most of my friends were there that  night. One of them was really high, and earlier we had an argument about  what we were gathered to observe: a meteor shower. In my alcohol  induced wisdom I was directing everyone’s eyes toward the skies. It was  this alcoholic wisdom that made me overlook the fact the Earth rotates  and thus stars do not sit stationary all night long. I preached like  many a crazy preacher man, that the stars were moving, and that THAT was  what we got there to see. HAH-LE-LOO-JAH! [Keep reading…]
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