Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday = funny tattoos from

The crab just wanted a pepsi
Do not mess with a crabby cholo crustacean. I don't even mess with a mud crab on the best of days let alone one with an attitude problem and gang tattoos.
Shrimp on a barbie
Wow. I really love this. It's really badly done, but the badassness way outweighs the bad-ness of it.
TCB Zombie PEZ

Creativity.He has it. Zombie Pez Elvis with bat Pez pellets, who woulda thunk it?

The man isAdam Hathorn aka HonkeyKong. Very dope.

MEME Clash

MEME Clash


So apparently a long standing beginning of internet time meme seemed to eclipse me altogether. (Thanks Dan and Dom aka Buzzkillingtons!) Am I Surprised? Not really. I guess I can see the genius behind it.
I dunno, LOL!?

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