Friday, June 4, 2010

Kick off the weekend with some funny tattoos from loltatz

Hairy question
Hairy question

Poor moustache, he needs a trim and comb.

Tattoo cred goes to Joel Kennedy - a.k.a. "Paco Espinosa" at Under the needle, Seattle.


SO good seeing emos at the beach. You know they usually feel SO outta place like the beach is just not in the business of being dark. Like, how much black CAN you get away with wearing at the beach? Poor emo's.

Morally correct
Morally correct

..And he did. He did do EPIC shit. Jiminy Cricket behind the ear. GOOD!

Ink cred goes to Krysten Dae @ Under the Needle, Seattle.

Fail Feet


"These feet were made for failing, and failing's just what they'll do."

Tattoo cred goes to serpentgrrl ink by Amanda @ topnotch Tattoos, elgin il

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