Friday, May 21, 2010

Tattoos from John Wayne at Bee Sting Tattoo in Belle River, Ontario

Finished!!!!! gonna have him come back in a month or two to tighten up some stuff, but this is it. Was a blast Dustin, thanx so much for the opportunity to do something so fricken coooool!!!!
custom design

Voila!!!! 1 more quick session to tighten up some stuff, but hey this is it :)
custom design
For the most part done, were gonna hit Bob Marley with some more black in a month and tighten up a few areas, but voila. Thanx so much Joe for this amazing opportunity to do this, was truly a great pleasure!!!!!

A healed picture of a tattoo i did, the picture was taken by a photographer at the 2010 Detroit Tattoo Convention. This tattoo also won an award there for Best Medium Colour.
by John Wayne.
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