Friday, November 6, 2009

Time for ugly tattoos!!!

This Should Keep the Trick-or-Treaters Away

Dr. Bruce Banner designed the very gamma bomb that led to his life-altering involuntary tendency to turn into the Incredible Hulk when he gets angry. And judging by the quality, this guy applied this tattoo to the back of his own head, leading to his involuntary celibacy.
And despite the similarities, I feel like only one of those situations would make a halfway decent feature-length film.
The Teardrops Are for Lucky and Miss Meow. They Were Delicious
I never thought that I’d find myself saying this, but I would be less creeped out if I found out that this guy actually ate cats.
Postmodern Taco Eats Itself
People get tattooed for a variety of reasons, but a common desire is to honor something for which one has a deep and abiding reverence.
Which is why it’s kind of a miracle that I made it through college without getting a “King Pin Donuts” tattoo on my donut-fattened ass. A miracle that I am thankful for every day.
Put Some Nacho-Sliced Jalapeños on That and I’m In

What’s a Sunday without some beer and pizza? And, you know, some additional beer, in case you run out. And some emergency pizza, in a can, just in case the apocalypse happens that day and you need canned pizza.
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