Friday, October 23, 2009

Time for some ugly tattoos

Internet sensation Keyboard cat has finally spawned a bad tattoo.....

I promised you guys at least one kitty this week, so here you go. Despite our well documented loathing of Internet phenomena tattoos, it’s tough to argue with this one. At least it’s cute.
What is keyboard cat you ask? Take a look below......

Holy Slashfic Tattoo, Batman!

Ink Spotter: Anon
Is that a grapple-gun in your Bat utility belt, or are you just happy to see me?
Can You Get Salmonella from Dinosaurs? It Looks a Little Underdone

I’m not sure this tattoo was necessary. I could have seen that leg completely unadorned and my first guess still would have been “Enjoys brontosaurus drumsticks.” Okay, maybe not the first guess, but definitely in the top five. Probably before “Hypothyroidism,” but after “Caused the extinction of the wooly mammoth by eating the entire population…as an appetizer.”
Done and Done

Congratulations, this tattoo is going to be wildly successful in repelling the advances of fat chicks. And BONUS: it’ll work on all kinds of other chicks too. Way to kill 3.396 billion birds with one stone. And by “kill” I mean “not have sex with.” See more at

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