Friday, October 30, 2009

Time for more ugly tattoos!!!!

Tattooed Underwear Is Still Naked

This gentleman is a fan of Eastern spirituality. He has well-informed beliefs about best practices for the soul. His tattoos are symbols and talismans designed to promote a healthy journey for his atman, from shespa to eventual rigpa. He also digs base all caps, smoking, and ecologically unsound packaging. He knows that contradictions, like walking around naked, really freak the squares.

And Is That a Coffin, or the Inside of Your Torso?

Is that supposed to be a skull in the lower left, or did a bald guy wander into the frame while the tattoo artist was doing the piece? Anyway, if you need something to wash the image of the world’s most awkward sideboob out of your head...

Ink Spotter: Matthew Zombie Michael Jackson. With wooden shoes. And a giant bulge in his pants.
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