Friday, October 30, 2009

Sam Clark from the land down under, Australia

Ryan's hand

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Recent tattoos from Nikko Hurtado

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You can find Nikko at Ignition Tattoo or High Voltage Tattoo. Theres some great talent at Ignition Tattoo including: Jamie Schene, Nikko Hurtado, Ronnie Sanchez and Howard Eakin
See pics of their work and the studio here
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Catch the Avatar extended movie trailer here!!!!

Avatar Trailer in HD

Trailer Park MySpace Video Looks like another master piece by James Cameron

Time for more ugly tattoos!!!!

Tattooed Underwear Is Still Naked

This gentleman is a fan of Eastern spirituality. He has well-informed beliefs about best practices for the soul. His tattoos are symbols and talismans designed to promote a healthy journey for his atman, from shespa to eventual rigpa. He also digs base all caps, smoking, and ecologically unsound packaging. He knows that contradictions, like walking around naked, really freak the squares.

And Is That a Coffin, or the Inside of Your Torso?

Is that supposed to be a skull in the lower left, or did a bald guy wander into the frame while the tattoo artist was doing the piece? Anyway, if you need something to wash the image of the world’s most awkward sideboob out of your head...

Ink Spotter: Matthew Zombie Michael Jackson. With wooden shoes. And a giant bulge in his pants.
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bio Mechanical tattoos by Roman Abrego

Mr. Johnny Jackson

top detail

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Kyle Cotterman tattoos from the Evian Tattoo Convention, France

Piece i did Sunday at the Evian Tattoo Convention

Tattoo of the day Saturday, at the Evian Tattoo Convention, in France.....

little logo action.....on the chest
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Hot Chics, Tattoos and Rock n Roll = Nashville Pussy

Tattoo Festival after-party at Snatch, Sunday night. by Doug Synesthesia Photography

by Stephen Dyrgas

Concert du groupe Nashville Pussy lors de la 10ème édition du festival Rock en stock d'Etaples(62) les 1 et 2 aout 2008 by jeje62 on flickr
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

InkedCulture.Com will be at Convention of the Tattoo Arts SJ, California October 31 come join us!!!

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Totally stoked!!! getting a tattoo from Henry Lewis of Skull and Sword Tattoo SF

When bad tattoos happen to cool musicians...

Pete Wentz gets f****d up and gets a tattoo of Cobra Starship singer Gabriel Saporta

Pete Wentz got a little drunk and made his worst decision since marrying Asslee - he got an effing tattoo of Cobra Starship frontman Gabriel Saporta's face!
The Fall Out Boy bassist took to his Twitter to tell the world what he's done to himself.
He Tweets: my head hurts. i was buzzed lightyear last night. followed thru on a gentlemens bet w/@gabrielsaporta now i have 1 more bad tattoo. Read the rest here on

Tim Kern tattoos

Done at the International London Tattoo Convention, 2009.

Done at the Paradise Tattoo Gathering, 2009.

Done at the 1st Portland Tattoo Expo, 2009.

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Behind the camera with Fractal Suicide

New from Alex de Pase - Realism_Abstract_Surrealism - Tattoos See more HERE

Philippines Actress: Angelica Panganiban

Angelica Panganiban Sexy PhotoAngelica Panganiban Sexy Photo

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tattoos with Good Color Ink out of Chicago

More work on James... on the "ENVY" themed sleeve.
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Pics from Katy Perry's costume B-day party from the cobrasnake

I want Umpa lumpas at my party!!!!!!

Taylor Hick hanging out with Katy Perry
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Steve Crane at Alans Tattoo Studio, UK

winner - best of day sunday @ manchester tattoo convention 2009

Insane Clown Posse tatto!!!

Edward Scissor Hand

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