Friday, July 10, 2009

Look at Prez Obama checking out a girls booty!!!

The photo of Obama appearing to be looking at a girl while at the G8 Summit in Italy is making the rounds on the internet today. Check out the other photos of Obama checking out the girl’s butt below.
President Obama was photographed looking at a young lady named Mayara Tavares while standing with France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy. The photo shows him checking out the girl as she walked past. My favorite part of the photo is the amusement on Sarkozy’s face as he watches Obama looking at the girls butt. You know those two pervs were checking her out already. They are men mind you! published the image with the headline “Baby Got Barack,” while referenced the image with a straight news caption, “President Obama and France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy take their places for a photo with junior G-8 delegates, including Brazil’s Mayora Tavares, left, at the G-8 summit in L’Aquila, Italy”, but linked to it with the description ” PHOTOS: Obama Raises Eyebrows at G-8 Photo Op .” The New York post has reported the girl, Tavares is a 17 year-old delegate from Brazil.

See the other pics
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