Thursday, May 21, 2009

For all you golfers who need companionship check out Play Golf Designs

Visit any public or private golf course, any day of the week, and you'll spot the same things. Manicured trees and flush fairways. Ecstatic fist pumps, as hacks somehow chip it near the cup. Displays of intense frustration, as the scratch golfers blow 4-ft. putts.

Most of all, you'll see guys. Lots and lots of guys, in ill-striped shirts, in ill-fitting pants and with ill-considered caps on their balding heads. To combat this mass of masculinity on the nation's golf courses, a growing Las Vegas–based company called Play Golf Designs has started a fairway-beautification project. Founded by Nisha Sadekar, a former LPGA prospect, Play Golf Designs offers a simple service. For a substantial fee, one of the company's roster of beautiful female professional golfers will play a round or two with you and your co-workers at a corporate outing, with your clients who need to be schmoozed or just with you and your buddies during a bachelor party. READ THE REST HERE AT TIME MAGAZINE dot COM

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