Monday, March 30, 2009

Perez Hilton is a hater, Check out his top 10 meanest nick names

7. Jennifer Aniston = 'Maniston.' We don't quite get this one, but it
sounds mean, as she is not a man, nor does she resemble one. source AP

5. Lindsay Lohan = 'Lezlo.' Lindsay's antics have earned her quite a
few nicknames through the years (LOLhan, Loca Lohan, Linsanity,
Lindsay Blohan). But since her tumultuous relationship with Samantha
Ronson (aka saMAN), all the others have been abandoned in favor
of 'Lezlo.' source AP

2. Miley Cyrus = 'Slutty Cyrus.' After some provocative images of Miley
hit the web, Perez dubbed the Disney cash-cow 'Slutty Cyrus,' and he's
sticking with it. She's 16 - come on now! Source Reuters
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