Friday, January 30, 2009

Shayna Hartley's cute birdies

Check out Shayna's tats (facebook)

Racist cookies?

Some "genius" decided to commemorate President Obama with these little treats... "Drunken Negro Face" Cookies On Sale at Greenwich Village Bakery.

Waaaaaah!!!!! Quit yer bitchin...

See video of Ashton "Douchebag" Kutcher getting pissed at his neighbor for doing construction too early. Maybe he should sleep on the other side of his mansion.. (
(pic by cliff1066 at

Realistic heart by Peng-tattoo Yeng

Beautiful art coming out of Beijing, China.

Devil Boy by Rich Bustamante

Another gem by Rich Bustamante. His work has been on the cover of "Skin Art" and "Tattoos for women magazine"

To see more of Rich's work currently in Florida CLICK HERE to view pics.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Travis Barker's impressive ink

Damn, I wish I was still that skinny.... ;0) Backstage at with DJAM. Photo taken by my hero "thecobrasnake"...
Image by thecobrasnake

Seasons change...

Wow look at those colors and shading, fall never looked any better by Jason Wainright Sanitary Electric Tattoo Company

Nice cover up in progress

Nice cover up in progress from my homeboys at here to view morepics.

Great Black and Gray piece by Eze Nunez

Award winning tattoo from Eze Nunez in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Check out his cool ass website here It's like watching TV, literally..)

Miss USA Porn?

Former Miss USA Kelli McCarty stopped by to promote her new porn career, saying she'd come a long way since winning the Miss USA crown in 1991. In between, she was on "Beverly Hills: 90210," "Melrose Place," "Passions" and few Disney shows. Her career never really took off though, so now she's doing porn for Vivid – her first film, "Faithless," comes out next month.
Howard asked Kelli about a particularly rough scene in her movie, and Kelli explained: "It's not really a rape scene...well, sort of." Steve the (former) Intern came in to say he was upset that Kelli was betraying her Miss USA title: "Doesn't Miss USA mean anything?" Artie shouted his reply: "No!" Steve thought Kelli could hurt the little girls that look up to her: "You should lead by example." Howard disagreed: "It's not like she's the Queen of's just a thing put together by television executives."

Monday, January 26, 2009

Grey Matter

WTF is going on?
Cell phone carrier Sprint announced that they will be cutting 8,000 jobs.
Starbucks is laying off another 1,000 workers, after cutting 2000 jobs last year.
Philips Electronics announced they will be cutting 6,000 jobs.
Caterpillar, makers of bulldozers, dump trucks and excavators, has announced that they are laying off 20,000 workers.
Home Depot is closing 41 stores and laying off 7,000 workers
Courtesy of

Rich Bustamante back piece

To see more of Rich's work out in Florida CLICK HERE to view pics.

More work from Kirk Sheppard

To see more of his work CLICK HERE to view pics.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Cool black and grey rib tattoo by Graham Thorne

Nice tat by Graham Thorne at Urban Graffit Tattoo in Winnipeg, MB

My tat has finally healed..

What do you guys think? Done by Baku at Oz of Hollywood Tattoo Shop in Los Angeles CA

Grey Matter

Sad reality...
1 out of 1o Californians are now un-employed
78,200 Jobs were lost in California during December '08

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cool pic from Javier Padilla.....

You can see more of his work here...

Nice contrast in colors...

Compass by Hayley Murray at InkSlingers Newcastle

Iron Man in 2 minutes

by Ukinjoe

This never gets old, funny as hell!!!!

ROFL... god bless you tube.

Check out Robert Peddle's new tat....

Check out those colors!!! More on Robert (here)

Cool Tattoo Artist, InkSlingers Newcastle UK

Check out these guys out in the UK, they've got impressive stuff (InkSlingersTattoo NewCastle)

Tattoo of a uterus?

After her ex lost Stump the Booey, Jenna ended up naked in the studio and Howard asked if she had a lobster tattoo on her pelvis, but Jenna explained that it was actually a uterus. [more]
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Gray Matter

Things that make you go hmm...
UFC Champion Rashad Evans is projected to make 700,000 to a million in endorcements deals this year.
In 2008, Tiger Woods made approximately 105 Million in endorsements with a bad knee.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009

More fun with tasers...

Hilarity ensues at the 20 second mark.

Bugs very unique style

Bugs does great work, if you saw someone with one of his tattoos, you would
know it was one of his based on his unique style. See more of his art and tattoos here.

Nice piece!

Notice the detail on the skulls by Shibuya Horimasa

Petra Nemcova's looking good (nice wallpaper)

Cool pic

The cobrasnake rocks!!!

A bird did this?


I love college

More USC greatness here...
Sports Illustrated

Are we tired Lindsay Blowhan yet?

Here's her interview in "Interview" magazine in case you care, more pics too ...

RIP Mr. Roarke - Ricardo Montalban dies at 88

LOS ANGELES – Ricardo Montalban, the Mexican-born actor who became a star in splashy MGM musicals and later as the wish-fulfilling Mr. Roarke in TV's "Fantasy Island," died Wednesday morning at his home, his family said. He was 88.

Dangerous snacks, Peanut Butter and Salmonela crackers yum!!!!

Watch out for these, they could make you very ill...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Megan Fox has nice t*ts

Get your mind out of the gutter, I meant tats. See the rest here (inkbluesky)

Olivia Munn rocks!!!

Dirty Harry is number one

Well at least the guy that played him is

My new favorite candy yum!!!!!!!

I love watching disorderly chics getting tasered!!!!

Give it 34 seconds...

American Idol is worth watching again...

Who is Katrina Darrell? She's the new idol contestant that Simon loved, did "haters" Paula and Kara let her through? Find out here... Theres video too!!! mylocoworld.

Did you go to the AVN awards? Didn't think so, heres a recap...

For all you guys who missed the AVN awards in Vegas... CLICK HERE to read the article.